Port Eng

Hand tools, movement and fastening of materials

Movement and fastening of materials

Bent and straight shackles - alloy pin - 0.50t to 12t. (RR-C-271F Class 2 standard).

Hooks and shackles with safety coefficient of 5x the workload.

Suspension eyenut and screw (DIN580 and DIN582).

Steel cable clamp (light and heavy).

Bench vises, sledgehammers and axes

Forged bench vises for professional use. Exclusive to Forjasul all around Latin America since 1960. Axes entirely forged in high-quality carbon steel, blade with special heat treatment to ensure resistance to wear. Sledgehammers forged in high-quality steel; work faces with heat treatment to ensure resistance to impact and wear, with high-resistant fiber handle.