Port Eng

Electrical hardware for electrical transmission and distribution

OPGW Acessories

Developed with recognized quallity, Forjasul presents this new line of accessories for OPGW systems installation. Made up of anchor bolts, suspension, shackles, splice boxes and supports, complementing the main product segment and enabling the assembly of Optical Ground Wire chains and ground assemblies.

Polymer accessories

Made in high-density polyethylene.  Used in overhead distribution networks such as anchoring insulators, rhomboid spacers, and anti-sway bars. Extremely resistant to traction, bending, and impact. Highly resistant to UV and electrical tracking. Adequate for 15kv to 35kv electric voltage ratings.

Rhomboid spacers, anti-sway bars, anchor clamps, and pin and anchoring insulators.

Electrical hardware for distribution networks

Made in aluminum and used in seaside or highly polluted areas with anodized treatment for threaded items. Composed of: pole straps, flat brackets, double thread and square head screws, crossover plates, pins for insulators, cutout mounting brackets, cable clamps, and lightning rods.

Anchor clamps: in non-magnetic alloy with a wide irradiation surface; practically prevents electric losses and heating of the clamp due to hysteresis.

Parallel connectors, clevises, and wedges: made in a non-magnetic aluminum alloy of a high mechanical resistance and extremely resistant to corrosion.

Electrical hardware for transmission networks

Electrical hardware sets with components on forged steel and aluminum for electrical transmission and distribution up to 800kV.

Suspension clamps, anchor clamps, and output terminals: constituted of high-conductivity extruded aluminum external sleeve and hot-galvanized forged steel link; can be supplied with branch terminal block.

Lead cable and lightning rod splices: compression splice connectors made in aluminum for use on CAA, CAA+, CA, AAAC, and heat-resistant cables.

Protection devices for chains of insulator and additional weights: single, central, and double horn. Central racket, round, oval, and anti-corona aluminum rings.

Damping system

Damping systems for electrical transmission and distribution networks and protective circuits (lightning rods) composed of up to four cables. Aimed at controlling wind vibrations.

Stockbridge damper: made in aluminum and used in circuits with one or two vertical cables.

Spiral damper: made in high-impact PVC, UV resistant.

Damper and rigid spacers: for two to four-cable circuits with distances of 400mm and 457mm. Made in aluminum for dampening vibrations in transmission and distribution networks.

Signage - Spheres

Two smooth fiberglass hemispheres, 600mm in diameter, used for daytime signage. High UV resistance, no maintenance required, no spinning, no friction with the cable, and no electrolysis or harmonic resonance caused to the vibration.


Signage - Bird flight diverter

Helix-like product made in yellow polyethylene. Light, easy to apply, and with low wind resistance. Used on overhead transmission and distribution lines to protect birds.