Founded in Carlos Barbosa / RS, the Tramontina/Forjasul Group has a 535.000 m² industrial park with 10 fabris companies, inside and outside Rio Grande do Sul State.

More than 16 thousand items are produced inside them in order to supply the national and international market (120 countries). These unities produce high quality products allying the support of compromised employees and high technology process.

Companies Foundation
Tramontina S/A. Cutlery 1911
Forjasul Canoas S/A. 1959
Tramontina Garibaldi S/A. 1963
Tramontina Farroupilha S/A. 1971
Forjasul Eletrik S/A. 1976
Tramontina Multi S/A. 1982
Tramontina Belém S/A. 1986
Forjasul Madeiras S/A. 1990
Tramontina Teec S/A. 1996
Tramontina Delta S/A. 2000
Commercial Unities
In Brazil Overseas

- 6 distribution centers and 4 sale offices in Brazil.

- 11 commercial unities overseas, including USA, China, Germany and France.

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