Port Eng

May 2020

Installation of electrical network on the bridge Rio Negro – Manaus (AM)

Forjasul participated, with the contractor INTEC and the concessionaire Amazonas Energia, in the supply of electrical tools for a 69 KV electric power distribution line on the sides of the Rio Negro bridge. The work was aimed at restoring the supply of electricity to the municipalities of Iranduba and Manacapuru.


August 2019

Quadrant Strain Clamp

The Quadrant Strain Clamp have the advantage of ease of installation and no sophisticated cable clamping tools are required.

In accordance with the international NEMA, ASTM standards, the Quadrant Strain Clamp must meet mechanical strength requirements, without the driver sliding inside the clamp, at a tractive force equivalent to 90% of the conductor burst load and breaking strength of 100% of the conductor load used.

All ferrous fittings are galvanized with thickness and uniformity to ensure corrosion resistance in accordance with ABNT 6323 and ASTM 153 standards. Their ferromagnetic characteristics meet electrical demands with the best installation performance and conductor life.


July 2019

Yellow Spiral Vibration Damper

The Forjasul Spiral Vibration Damper is made of PVC material in yellow and was projected for reduce wind vibrations which occur in the lightning rod cables on the transmission lines.

Can used in OPGW cables and Steel cables.


June 2019

TL Panama Mata Nance-Veladero

This project consists of replacing the conventional conductors of 17 double circuit sections and all chains of insulators and accessories, as well as conventional and OPGW protection wire.

Conventional conductors have been replaced by HTLS (High Temperature Wire) conductors that can operate at more than 180°C. These conductors have a 25% stronger core and 60% lighter than steel, this allows to increase the aluminum content without increasing the diameter and weight, which reduce energy losses.

To know more, access: https://www.ctcglobal.com/blog/etesa-begins-84-5-km-double-circuit-accc-conductor-installation-in-panama/


May 2019

AGS Clamp

Due to its shape, The AGS Clamp have excellent eletrical performance, being used for angles up to 30°.

It is designed for a better distribution of the stresses that work under the clamp, producing a great protection to the conductor due to the material used in its cushion.



April 2019

60 Years of Forjasul

This year Forjasul turned 60 years old. The company began his activities in 1959 directed by Mr. Eugênio Manfroi and today occupies an area of 92 thousand m².

In partnership with Petrobrás, one of our outstanding projects was manufacturate of KS Hooks for anchoring maritime platforms used for oil exploration.

Forjasul is a recognized brand in Brazilian electricity market, providing electroforgging for transmission networks, distribution and substation. Exports to countries in Latin America, Europa and Africa.




March 2019

Forged Steel Bench Lathe

Forjasul is the only manufacturer of Bench Lathe in Forged Steel in Brazil and is among the only 5 in the world.

The Bench Lathe - Forjasul has as main characteristic the durability of 15 years of services in perfect conditions. And lifetime validity against manufacturing defects.

It has a special anvil for extra heavy duty work and the tempered jaws, integrated to the body guarantee resistance to wear. It also has high strength spindle and nut, ensuring tightness and durability.

Available in red and sizes 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10.


February 2019

Corona Clamp

According to its format, the Corone Clamp is suitable for tensions of 230kv up to 800kv, possessing great performances in the trials of Riv Corona. In many cases, this clamp can dispense use of Rackets or Rings.


January 2019

Anti–Bird (Flight Diverter)

The Forjasul Flight Diverter is easy to apply and have low drag aerodynamic, adding lightness and little intervention to the transmission line.

This material function is protecting the birds, because its format facilitates the visualization of birds, preventing them from colliding with the wires of line transmission.

It is usually used in Environmental Reserves or on migration roads of birds.


December 2018

SE Miracema

Forjasul provided phase interruption assembly to energizing the transmission line substation of 500KV, of the TAESA-115 (SE MIRACEMA) project, located in Tocantins State.

The line has approximate lenght of 60km. Starting at the Lajeado Substation and ending at the Palmas Substation.



November 2018

Vibration Damper Stockbridge type

The vibration damper Stockbridge type protecting the conductive cables and lightning-rods from wind vibrations.

These vibrations caused by the winds can cause damages due to fatigue and abrasion. The Stockbridge Dampers are used to reduce the damages, thus increasing the service life of transmission lines.

Fojasul have 9 models, manufactured in aluminum alloy and applicable to the range of cables from Ø6.35mm to Ø33.78mm.


October 2018

Forged Hammers with Fiber Handle

Forged Hammers in medium alloy steel - 50/53 HRC with fiber handle, nitrile rubber protector, safety pin, nitrile rubber grip. Work surfaces designed with heat treatment to resist to hard impacts and heavy work.


June 2018

New Marker Ball of Signaling for distribution lines

Developed in carbon fiber with 150mm diameter and in orange color, used for signaling crossings of medium voltage lines in urban centers.


April 2018

Rod Hook

The hooks can be provided on models: raw or machined with nut and safety lock according to customer specifications.

The sizes range from 15401-05 to 15401-32 according the DIN standard.

IN THE PHOTO: Rod Hook with load handling capacity up to 130 ton.


February 2018


Forjasul’s shackles grade 8s are DNV approved and are designed to meet the Oil industry in Brazil. The Shackles had painted finish and are manufactured in accordance with NBR13545 standard. It is produced in steel and in a closed forging process and have a workload of 30, 40, 50, 80 and 120 tons.



September 2017

138 kV Transmission Line - SE Coletora DELTA 3 - SE Elevadora Delta 3

The project for the Delta 3 wind farm, in the city of Paulino Neves, Maranhão (Brazil), counted on 18Km of damping system supplied by Forjasul. Its used 800 triple spacer dampers and 206 spiral dampers.


September 2017

525kV Transmission Line - UTE Pampasul / Candiota / Eletrosul

Supply of damping system with 950 damper spacers for three-wire rail circuit. Used in the power transmission networks generated by the Candiota thermoelectric unit, located in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), which has an installed capacity of 340MW.