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Forjasul is an industry specialized in the production of forged parts for various segments.

Forjasul is an industry specialized in the manufacturing of forged items for various segments.

Forjasul was founded in 1959 in the town of Canoas. It has a wide range of products made in aluminum, forged steel, and polymers.

In Brazil, the company pioneered the manufacturing of anchor hooks for offshore oil rigs.

It has also achieved recognition in the manufacturing of closed die forged hooks used for hoisting and moving cargo.

It makes electrical hardware for electrical substations, transmission networks, and distribution grids.

In the tools range, the red bench vise with all its components in forged steel is unique to Latin America.


Forjasul is an integral part of the Tramontina Group.

The Tramontina Group has a team of over 8,000 staff producing a mix of more than 18,000 items.

The products range includes kitchen utensils and equipment, electrical hardware, tools for agriculture, gardening, industrial and automotive maintenance, civil construction, electric materials, and furniture.

Tramontina has some valuable support in its Centers of Innovation, Research, and Development. The company exports to over 120 countries and operates 13 international units in different continents.


Forjasul manages and monitors its operations aiming at ensuring quality, production, and timely delivery of its products.  The company currently has a quality management system based on the ISO 9001 standard and certified by DNV.


Forjasul preserves with its own resources of over 1,700 hectares of Native Forest in an area located 120km from the capital city of Rio Grande do Sul.

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