Forjasul/ Canoas S/A. - Metallurgic Industry, founded in March, 1959, it's part of the 10 company Tramontina Group.

- Electrical power distribution networks;

- Automotive and Siderurgic Industry;

- Shipyard and Oil;

- Agricultural implements.

Electric Construction Hardware - Forjasul produces the most complete electrotechnical transmission line series.

Customized Forged - Forjasul produces forged pieces suiting the client's needs.

Hooks - Forjasul produces a complete cargo movement hook series, holding up to 100 ton.

Special Hooks - Forjasul produces oil exploration sea platform hooks, holding up to 1400 tons.

Handling Tools - Forjasul produces high quality forged tools, such as heavy sledge hammers and forged bench vise.

- Customized forged Pioneer.

- Forged Hook production pioneer.

- Forged electric hardware production pioneer.

- Oil platform hook pioneer.

- Forged vise is an exclusive Forjasul product.

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